Shop Watch

Schedule appointments by hours available instead of by customers per day. Eliminate over and underbooking. Only Shop Watch takes up-sells, walk-ins and carryovers into account to properly schedule work. Appointments made in Shop Watch push into your DMS and pre-write the RO.

Make an appointment for Monday night but deduct the hours from Tuesday, when the work is actually going to be done - now that's proper shop loading. Further divide your work to sell for the day with Shop Watch categories, such as alignments and transmission work.

Reduce morning line-ups and space work evenly throughout the day. You determine the appointment intervals, as well as how many waiters you want each hour. Waiters, shuttle rides, loaners and more are graphically displayed and tracked.
What Our Customers Are Saying
Shop Watch has enabled our dealerships to organize and unify a customer-oriented service scheduling process that has enhanced our total customer experience. Our customer base can now view available appointments 24/7 versus leaving voicemails and waiting on responses. Shop Watch has also helped increase both shop and stall efficiency. Shop Watch is a dealer-friendly process that directly increases production and customer satisfaction. The training, set up and the dealer support since installation has been extremely responsive and professional.
Tim Treahy, Toyota Service Manager, Dorschel Automotive Group
Shop Watch really brought our dealership communication together. It's easy to use and more employees are using it every day. It has improved our appointment process, our ability to communicate with customers, increased CSI, given service advisors the best route sheet they've ever had, made the biggest improvement in our special order process, and reduced expenses. I only wish I had not waited so long to install this system.
Brian Stracick, Service Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo
One of the problems we had every summer with vacations was balancing the workload and CSI. We would service 20-30% more vehicles and go red! Now with Shop Watch and a call center, we maintain our hours per R.O. and we are green! Shop Watch has given transparency of ANY vehicle, for ANY stage of the process, to ALL employees. Since using Shop Watch, CSI improved in the following areas: ease of appointment +6, prompt greeting +6, phone waiting +9, available appointment time +6, and confirm call +8.
Jim Kowalak, P&S Director, Toyota of Morristown
Shop Watch increased CSI scores at all 12 franchises. It also enabled us to install a call center. The biggest overall improvement has been the communication throughout the entire company, bringing service, parts and sales together to take better care of the customer and increasing ticket averages.
Lawrence Schreiber, CEO, Northtown Automotive Companies
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